Summit Music Fest 2021

The first annual Summit Music Fest went down on Friday, July 30th, 2021, bringing in local, regional, and touring bands.

The weather was perfect outside and the location was plenty spacious inside the Summit County Fair Arena. As Summit County Fair patrons strolled through the fair attractions and displays, the rock fans were inside the arena ready to rock out throughout the day. The county fair provided the show with tons of food and beer options outside of the arena.

Saving Abel was the headliner for the inaugural event, and would happen to be one of the last shows for current Saving Abel vocalist Steve Austin.

Every band put on a great show and knocked off the rust from a long unwanted break from the Covid-19 shutdowns. Walking In Circles got the day started off with a good Rock-n-Roll sound, followed by Adrift On River Styx.

You could feel the energy of the show building as heavy hitters Alukah took the stage. Next it was Akron’s own Audience of Rain, throwing down a great performance. Cleveland’s own Impending Lies alway’s puts on a really good show and it was great to see them back on the stage.

Creating a little break from the metal lineup, special guests Lot 9 performed a mini-set of Rap/Hip-Hop before the stage switched up to the national acts.


So let’s talk about the next band – man did they put on one high energy set. Vampires Everywhere completely blew me away with their thirty minute set.

Vampires didn’t have much rust to shake off for not playing together in years. What a treat it was to catch their first show back after re-forming into their current lineup.


This would be my first time catching City Of The Weak, and I was impressed with the band’s on stage performance. Stef’s vocals are amazing, combined with the band really left us wanting to see more.


Now if you came for dark heavy metal, The Convalescence is the band for you. The Toledo based band is celebrating ten years as a band, and heading out on the road to celebrate the milestone.


If New York style hardcore is your style, well you where in for a treat The Bunny The Bear. It’s been a long time since I have seen a band hit the stage with so much energy, with The Bunny leaving the stage to try and start his own mosh pit with the photographer’s.

Due to curfew rules the band had their set cut short, but it was the best four song set I have seen in a long time. I definitely want to see this band at a packed home town show, I’m gonna guess and say it would be an amazing “bodies flying” show.


Headliner Saving Abel burst onto the scene when addicted hit number two on the billboard rock chart’s. In 2009 the album went certified gold and Saving Abel was off and running. Vocalist Steve Austin has been doing a great job since his 2014 entrance into this rock band, but this would be one of his last show’s with the band.

Saving Abel was on a bit of a time constraint at Summit Music Festival due to a curfew, so they didn’t waste a lot of time rocking the crowd. It’s always a fun performance when this band hits the stage, there is so much talent across the board in Saving Abel.

Rock Lines Magazine would like to thank Chris Bianchi and Cb Entertainment for allowing us to come out and enjoy the inaugural event and look forward to seeing how this festival will grow in the years to come. Also wanted to give a shout out to his staff for putting in a lot of hard work to give us a chance to see some great live music.
Lot 9

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  • August 10, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    The Bunny The Bear only played three songs and it was complete bullshit. They were the band we came to the fair to see and were extremely disappointed. The Convalescence was our favorite of the night though!


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