THE OCEAN BLUE shares remastered “Ayn” in support of DAVY JONES’ LOCKER re-release

“…They produced a fantastic reissue of Davy Jones’ Locker, the record they self-released in 1999 after getting dismissed by Mercury Records, pressed to crystal clear blue wax befitting the band’s name and the album’s submarine title. The music is equally glassy and beautiful, driven by David Schelzel and Oed Ronne’s intertwining guitar work and the tasteful engineering work of drummer Rob Minnig. It’s the kind of romantic, melodic pop that, much like the work of their forebears like the Smiths and Echo & the Bunnymen, works for all seasons and situations.”- Paste

Beneath the shimmering guitars, earworm hooks, and David Schelzel’s dreamy, lovelorn, and
lamentful croon, are beautiful stories, abstract visions, easter eggs to previous albums,
and eloquent social commentary
.” – Popdose

Few American bands have perfected the shimmer of classic Britpop/Dream Pop like The Ocean Blue out of Hershey, PA.” Rock And Roll Globe

Shares Remastered “

Ayn” In Support Of DAVY JONES’ LOCKER Re-Release

Currently On Tour


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Following the re-release of their critically-acclaimed independent release 1999 album Davy Jones’ Locker on August 25, 2023 via Korda RecordsTHE OCEAN BLUE are proud to share the remastered version of their jangly album opener “Ayn.” In the opening lines of the track ‘This one comes calling again, calling from the corner of my heart / The canyon of my soul whispering words from within,’ one can immediately feel that they are about to embark on a mysterious yet poetic journey through the philosophical musings and contemplations of the album.

“I was reading a lot at the time, particularly philosophy, as I was thinking about grad school,” says lead singer and songwriter David Schelzel about the lyrical context of the track. “I was also watching a lot of those thought-provoking film directors of the ’60s and ’70s. I tried to capture the voice of challenge that philosophers, thinkers, writers, directors and artists have when you first encounter their work. It can change your life or push you off in a new direction. Maybe you return right back to where you were, but maybe it’s life-changing.”

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Davy Jones’ Locker is diverse and consistently endearing and though it was released in a limited quantity in 1999 by indie label March Records, the band’s fervent fanbase – who had been following the band since their inception in 1987 – elevated the release to mythic status. PopMatters said, “The band has returned in full style with Davy Jones’ Locker… ethereal, delicate, shimmering, beautiful.” While Music Box quipped, “The Ocean Blue simply makes it work by building simple, supple melodies and dreamy atmospheres that swirl and surround.” All Music lauded, “The band’s liking for jaunty ’60s-inspired pop captures the record.” “It’s definitely our most eclectic and least fussy record, where we were experimenting with different musical directions, sounds, arrangements and lyrical themes,” explains David.

Currently on an expansive national tour in support of the re-release of Davy Jones’ Locker, the band’s continued success can be seen with the embrace of their fanbase and their wide-ranging live sets. “This tour will certainly highlight Davy Jones’ Locker, but our set will include many songs from other records,” David explains. “We generally play a broad cross-section of our music, from the first record to the most recent. We often play a cover or two for fun.” The Ocean Blue kicked off the tour with a host of shows on Labor Day weekend (including a sold-out show in Minneapolis), and will be hitting cities such as Philadelphia (sold out), San Antonio, Toronto, Columbus (sold out), Miami, Chapel Hill, San Diego (sold out), San Francisco (sold out), and concluding in Phoenix on Nov. 18th.

Oct 19   Toronto, ON                            Horseshoe Tavern
Oct 20   Detroit, MI                              Magic Bag
Oct 21   Columbus, OH                        Natalie’s Grandview Music Hall *SOLD OUT*
Nov 10  Miami, FL                                The Ground @ Club Space
Nov 11   Chapel Hill, NC                      Cat’s Cradle
Nov 16   San Diego, CA                        Casbah *SOLD OUT*
Nov 15   Ventura, CA                            Ventura Music Hall,
Nov 17   San Francisco, CA                 The Chapel *SOLD OUT*
Nov 18  Phoenix, AZ                             Crescent Ballroom
Playful, jangly, and gorgeously executed, Davy Jones’ Locker is nestled perfectly in the band’s catalog and the alternative realm of ’80s legends like the Smiths and New Order, through the early Britpop of Blur, the LAs and The Trashcan Sinatras, while still sounding ahead of its time alongside modern compatriots like Cigarettes After Sex, Beach House, and Fontaines DC.

Getting their start as teenagers in the late ‘80s in Hershey, PA, The Ocean Blue released their self-titled debut on the famed Sire Records that launched many of their heroes in the U.S., like the Smiths, Echo & the Bunnymen, and the Pretenders.  Embraced by MTV, the band quickly made their mark on the onset of the Alternative Music scene. Their early singles “Between Something And Nothing” and “Drifting, Falling” notched them Top Ten hits on College and Modern Rock radio, setting in motion their continued and firm grasp on alt-rock and dreampop. With eight albums under their belt (Sire/Rhino reissued their first three albums in 2015), the band continues to wield their songwriting prowess effortlessly with even more plans for the near future.

The newly remastered Davy Jones’ Locker is available now on vinyl, CD and all streaming services via Korda Records.  The Ocean Blue is David Schelzel (vocals, guitar), Oed Ronne (guitar), Bobby Mittan (bass) and Peter Anderson (drums).

  1. Ayn
  2. Garden Song
  3. Denmark
  4. My Best Friend
  5. Cukaloris
  6. Been Down a Lot Lately
  7. Consolation Prize
  8. Cake
  9. Bottle Yours
  10. I Can’t See You
  11. So Many Reasons
  12. Do You Still Remember Me?
  13. It Never, Just Might



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