LANiiDAE Drops New EP

“We’re beyond stoked to present EPISODES: I – V to you all! This collection of tracks is an awesome representation of our ever-evolving sound, and we couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. Whether you’ve heard of us before, or you’re just tuning in, we think everyone will find something to love on this EP.” – LANiiDAE

Catch LANiiDAE live:

June 10 at Ampfest 3 – The Pit at Helheim, 3081 Chapman Road, Wytheville,VA

July 22 at Amos’ Southend – 1423 S Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC

Revolver link:

About LANiiDAE:

LANiiDAE formed in January 2018, originating as a partnership between Chris Dietz and Joey Park, who had been looking for a vocalist. Six months later, LANiiDAE dropped it’s first EP Misery Scripture. The second EP, featuring seven songs of unbridled rage, You Get Nothing was released in 2019. Chris Dietz says, “From there our sound evolved and we began to add more elements of punk, pop, rock, and even some Hip Hop, to eventually become the LANiiDAE you know now. “

Four B-Side tracks that departed from the balls-to-the-wall deathcore style LANiiDAE had been producing up until this point followed, seeing the release of “Muse,” “dis(Communicate),” “Surface Level” and “Desert Ghost”. All were released between September and December of 2019.

In 2020, Kyle Dameron and Larry Tekulsky join the band. Chris Dietz adds “Since the fall of 2019 its been a never ending stream of singles, ranging from smooth pop jams like “Rhythm in You” to the absolute ass-beater “821”. We’ve also enlisted some of our best friends, and the baddest musicians around to help take our sound, songwriting, and live performance to a new level.”

Along with a slew of other songs released during the COVID lockdown, LANiiDAE dropped fan-favorite “Skyfall.” Metalcore anthem “The Boys” followed in January 2021 along with a timely music video bringing awareness to mental health.  Down Moda (aka Justin Stewart) joins the band at the year’s end and the band release “Away.”

February 2022 sees the band’s first live show to a packed Amos’ Southend. LANiiDAE continues playing shows for the rest of the year, with several headlining slots, and release, arguably the band’s most popular track, “MODA-5” accompanied by an incredible video directed by Kiefer Andrew.

“DOWNHILL” is released in July with a video shot and directed by LANiiDAE‘s own Justin Stewart along with Andrew Huggins.

2023 brings “Darker Everyday,” single and live music video (released in February), shot by Kiefer Andrew. LANiiDAE’S new EP Episodes: I-V drops June 2nd.

LANiiDAE is:

Joey Park – guitarist (Violent Life Violent Death, AUXILIA)

Chris Deitz- vocalist (Kairos, Blaakhol)

Justin Stewart- vocalist, synth (Down Moda, Voraflux)

Kyle Dameron- bass (Life Right Now, It Lies Within, Deception of a Ghost)

Larry Tekulsky- drums (Machines, AUXILIA)


photo by Maq Brown



LANiiDAE online:

photo by Maq Brown

photo by Maq Brown

photo by Maq Brown


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