Swedish metalcore band, Beneath My Feet, recently dropped new album “In Parts, Together” in January.

Beneath My Feet promo photoe. Phographer unknown.

“In Parts, Together will be difficult to surpass in metalcore in 2023!”

Powerplay, UK

“For Fans of Caliban, The Unguided or Heaven Shall Burn;

This album is not to be missed in any collection!”

Hellfire Magazin, DE

Beneath My Feet have released their sophomore full-length record In Parts, Together via Noble Demon. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, on ten brand new songs (+ three bonus tracks) the band addresses profound topics such as abuse, trauma, anxiety and grief, while the album never loses its musical heaviness and catchiness. With their combination of influences from the American metal sound and the British hardcore scene, Beneath My Feet have managed to deliver the long-awaited follow-up to 2014’s Origins that everyone was hoping for!

To celebrate the release in glorious style, the band has re-released their music video for the track “Far From Home”. Watch the video here:

(120) Beneath My Feet – Far From Home (Official Music Video) Metalcore | Noble Demon – YouTube

Beneath My Feet on “Far From Home”:

“Some have reached their destination, but their journey continues. Fighting a new war, no less real. Desperate to live. Yearning to find their place. Searching for peace, finding none. Holding nothing but their hope.”

In Parts, Together is out now on Noble Demon and available for purchase at



  1. Hurricane
  2. Dig My Grave
  3. When Both Our Worlds Collide
  4. Dead Equal
  5. One More Time
  6. Sink To the Bottom or Swim For The Shore
  7. Is This Really You
  8. Far From Home
  9. The Uprising
  10. Departure
  11. Roads (Bonus)
  12. Vindicta (Bonus)
  13. Lost Sailors Grave (Bonus)


Beneath My Feet are:

 Marcus Garbom-Vocals

Sebastian Kagstrom-Vocals

Emil Nasvall-Guitar

Mattias Lindblom-Bass

Axel Moe-Drums


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