Bittersweet Revenge Forgotten Tales Review

Our favorite local rockers, Bittersweet Revenge recently released the second installment of their 4 EP series, Forgotten Tales”, and if you haven’t tuned in, you are seriously missing out!

This latest offering includes everything you expect, and more. These 5 songs were recorded at Signal Flow Studios, with aficionado Jake Jekyll doing the tracking and producing. Chris DiCola nailed the mixing and co-producing. A huge shout out to Jake Pastor for doing an excellent job of mastering and producing.  Damian James, the owner of Metropolis Tattoo created the album art, which is both mesmerizing and the perfect summation of the out of this world experience that Bittersweet Revenge’s music takes you on.

Speaking of music, let’s get into it….

The first track, “Borrowed Time” has a video (see below), Josh Apple shot the video, and the expertise shines through! Make sure and check it out. The song comes in heavy with a driving groove and relaxed vocals. There are some decadent backing vocals and I’m thoroughly digging how they play with the main riff throughout the song. They kick it back and amp it up, and what the ….. WAH!!! Holy hell, that’s refreshing and I’m so happy to hear that wrapping around some tripadelic vibe enmeshed into the rock n’ roll. Bombastic cymbals take this tune into stadium worthy huge-ness!

Next up, “Hair of the Dog” gets down and dirty with outstanding guitar tones. This is a song you get drunk, get naked and dance on the tables to. The turnover was SO cool, with a changed up second verse that is testament to the band’s song writing abilities. This track treats the ears to another BIG song with an epic middle 8 and crazy sweet guitars.

“So Far So Good” comes in with an almost acoustic vibe – and those vocals – honey smooth with a nefarious edge. It’s easy to get lost in this song. The space is so good it almost hurts, and the build up puts the proof in “Bittersweet”. Again with the guitars – exquisite.

The fourth track, “My Life” has a bit of a punk vibe to it, Nice! The guitar and vocals play with and against each other to perfect affect – if that even makes sense – it’s superb is what I mean. The clean higher end is some icing on the cake. The drums are coming out to play in this one too, with the crashes coming in perfectly.

Last, but certainly not least, “See You Soon” has a buzzy chill intro and the backing vocals are spot on with the sludge and ups the attitude. The way the vocals take their time are stellar with crazy control. As always, Bittersweet Revenge has a way with song structure, there is a trippy middle 8 with lots going on, in the best of ways. The outro leaves you wanting more, which all the very best ones do!

Make sure to check out the video, and then go grab some tickets for the October 29th Mushroomhead Halloween show. Bittersweet Revenge will be playing there, along with a fantastic lineup.

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Bittersweet Revenge Is:

  • Mike Patton (Not That One) – Vocals
  • Tom Farkas – Lead Guitar
  • Jake Pence – Rhythm Guitar
  • Angel Vazquez – Bass Guitar
  • Dennis Smith – Drums

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