STARSET lit up the main stage at the Upheaval Festival with their unique style and incomparable sound!

STARSET was on fire on July 15th when they dropped an electrical performance at Grand Rapids, Michigan’s Belknap Park for the Upheaval Fest. The elaborate production presented by the seven-piece band from Columbus, Ohio is one that can’t be duplicated. Their music is as different as their stage presence. One for the dramatic, STARSET, has never let me down. Every time I see them put on their one-of-a-kind show, I walk away in awe. The talent is undeniable, and the thought-provoking production leaves fans mesmerized and wanting more. This go round was no different. They most assuredly left the faithful satisfied and their newfound fans wanting more.

Check out some of our photos from their performance. Continue to check back with Rock Lines Magazine for more coverage of the two-day event known as the Upheaval Festival.

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