Interview with Corey Glover of Disciples Of Verity

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Check out the interview with Cory Glover below.
Disciples of Verity is a five-piece band that is made up of some of the biggest names in the Prog genre along with a couple of others whose names will sound familiar.
Fronting the new project is Corey Glover of Living Colour fame. Corey Pierce (drums) of God Forbid and Negative Sky’s George Pond (bass) make up the rhythm section while Mark Monjoy and Zack Miranowic of Sekond Skyn handle the guitar work.
   All five members have a love of the creative aspect of the music world that it’s easy to see why this collaboration is bound for success.
“Worthy”, a single that was released last year, was DoV’s introduction to the world. The single featured a guest appearance by Arch Enemy guitarist, Jeff Loomis.
Fast forward to this year and Disciples of Verity’s debut album entitled ‘Pragmatic Sanction’ is still providing listeners with a steady flow of singles. The latest “Remembering the Living” was given an assist from Kitty’s Tara McLeod.
Disciples just recently concluded a fall tour and will be out again following the New Year. Several dates and venues have been named with more to come.
Check out our interview with Glover on the link below. Also make sure to check Disciples of Verity’s Facebook page as well as other social media outlets.
Until next time this is Big L saying ‘keep those horns up and rock on’!! \m/ \m/

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