Gojira sold out show at The Cleveland Agora

The world famous Cleveland Agora hosted what will go down as the best show of 2021!

Gojira blasted into Cleveland with one thing in mind, a full metal assault on the sold out Ohio fans, and what many may not know is that Gojira is one of France’s most extreme bands. And, they delivered big time! They put on a show that will not be forgotten for a very long time.

Early in the set there was a technical issue with the in-ear monitors which caused a very short delay, the band paused the show fixed the issue then continued with absolute perfection.

Gojira – live and in-person -is a band that just makes you appreciate the power of live music, This band is so tight and precise, I was blown away by the show.

What a better way to spend Halloween weekend than with 2,000 rabid Cleveland metal fans?

Gojira played a setlist of approximately 12 songs – with a 3 song encore.

Knocked loose, direct support for this tour, kicked ass in Cleveland! Vocalist Bryan Garris has an exceptionally energetic stage pressence that got the fans pumped up and ready to rage! I’ve never been able to catch this band’s live show, so that’s what made this tour so awesome. The hardcore punk band from Kentucky totally threw it down on stage, stirring the pit into a hellacious frenzy.

Another moment I’ve been waiting a very long time for  was the set by Alien Weaponry. The New Zealand thrash metal trio absolutely did not disappoint the Cleveland crowd! They comandeered the stage by doing a ceremonial Haka dance as an intro. Brothers Harry de Jong and Lewis de Jong along with bassist Turanga Edmonds wowed the crowd with songs “Holding My Breath” and “Tangaroa”. Alien Weaponry first came to the U.S in a supporting role on the tour with Ministry as well as playing some huge festivals like Waken Open Air. For such a young group of men the musical talent is amazing, and I highly recommend seeing this band play every chance you get…



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