Kentucky Hard Rock Band Layne’s Calling


Rock Lines Magazine has spent most of the Covid-19 pandemic off time looking and listening to new music, Which has given us the opportunity to work with bands who are grinding to get their name out there. So with that being said I would like to introduce you to Layne’s Calling. Layne’s Calling, rock and alt rock sensation out of Lousiville Ky, has taken the music scene by storm. After the release of their debut single “Not Well”, they were immediately approached by 434 management. Within only 3 short days after signing with 434 management Laynes Calling was offered an artist partnership and distribution deal with Pavement Entertainment and Sony Distribution. Layne’s Calling wasted no time getting out to make a name for themselves having already played with quite a few veterans to the rock community and having already been featured in “Bad Diesel Magazine”, Laynes Calling is quickly becoming a fan favorite everywhere.

Layne’s Calling exploded onto the scene in June of 2018. The band was formed with Louisville’s top tier artist to make a new but familiar sound. Joey Cox, a former U.S Army Veteran with over 12 years of experience as a guitarist, decided to make the transition to vocalist in 2016 and wrote the song Not Well to help bring attention to many of the issues that veterans suffering from P.T.S.D face every day.  Using his own personal experiences in the lyrics of the song his goal was to help as many as he possibly could with his music.

Jacob Andrew Wilkerson, another Louisville native who has been playing bass since 1978, decided to join Layne’s Calling in August of 2018.  Andrew an air force veteran not only believed in the music Layne’s Calling was making but also the mission, to help end veteran suicide.  Jacob immediately fit right in with the band and has proven to be a very valuable asset to the band.

(Mad) Mike Calvert, Anyone who has seen this guy play will understand the nickname. Mike the heavy hitting drummer from Henderson, Kentucky is no stranger to the music scene, Mike has played and Benn featured with a multittude of artist’s and when the show starts the eye’s are on mike, and his intense energy.

Chadwick Pryor the bands guitarist has been playing guitar since the mid 90’s with roots in southern rock and southern metal. After moving to Louisville, Kentucky from Jamestown, Tennessee  he worked on multiple projects also landing endorsement deal with Legendary pickups. Chadwick has a knack for writing catchy, bone jarring riff’s. He was recruited by vocalist Joey Cox to join Layne’s Calling.



Some upcoming show date’s with Drowning Pool and Saliva 


                          *Photos courtesy of James Steffen  Photography*


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