MORDAÇA’s new EP “Caminhos Obscuros”




Portugal hardcore band  MORDAÇA is back with a new EP called “Caminhos Obscuro” and pretty unsurprisingly, it’s gross and fast. Launched in Portugal last year, the EP has a physical edition with distribution on the Believe Hardcore distro.

About the recent work, the band explains: “These are dark paths that we are going through, in which the world changes around us and we allow ourselves to be carried away by fear without question. We attack more and more the next without even considering. We are more and more selfish”. ‘Caminhos Obscuros’ is composed of five new tracks and the version of the song “Mundo Adversário”, by the Brazilian band Macakongs 2099.

For Mordaça the underground has to remain united more than ever, not because of imposition, but because of necessity, “Even without concerts, it is a pride to see compilations, interviews and materials come out on multiple channels”.

‘Caminhos Obscuros’
is available on all streaming platforms and on physical media.



Formed in late 2005, the band presents a musical style that is part of Punk-Hardcore, with songs that report social, political-social issues and inner conflicts. After several presentations in Portugal and two demos released, Mordaça released in 2008 the debut album, self-titled, by the Hell Xis Records label.

With the album came the opportunity to share stages with major national and international bands. Even with the departure of some members, the band never stopped playing or being in evidence in the Portuguese scene, and with that, they released their 2nd album, “Always fighting” in 2015, again by HellXis Records.

One of the most creative and proactive founding members of the band, Ricardo Silva (Mike) moves to the North of Portugal, and inevitably, since the work of composing the band is mostly in groups and in rehearsal, Ivo Salgado appears to take over the drumms, a friend of the longtime band that completely fits into the spirit of Mordaça, from conviviality, responsibility and musical taste.

In 2019 with the release of the EP ‘Tiros Perdidos’, the plan was to undertake a tour to publicize the new work, including a show in Brazil with the band Macakongs 2099, which makes a split. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the plan was postponed and Mordaça will continue to promote the newly released EP, ‘Paths Obscure’.



  1. 1.O Pior Ainda Está Para Vir [01:38]
    2. Politiquices [03:11]
    3. Mundo Adversário [01:24]
    4. Autópsia Antecipada [02:42]
    5. Caminhos Obscuros [02:11]
    6. Vives Entre Nós [04:52]

Ricardo Foito (vocals)
Nuno Pina (guitar)
João Bruno (guitar)
João Pinto (bass)
Ivo Salgado (drum)

Genre: Hardcore

Producer: Mordaça

Recording: Paulo Vieira

Mixing and mastering: Paulo Vieira

Artwork: Ricardo “Mike” Silva (The Silva Design)

Photo: Mordaça e Filipe Pinto

For more about MORDAÇA  visit oficial site  FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM e YOUTUBE

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