Pop Evil “Versatile” Album Review

Sometimes there are no adjectives that do justice to exciting new works of art and the new album from Pop Evil, “Versatile” falls into this category. I hope I’m able to portray at least a morsel of what an amazing job Pop Evil has done with their newest offering.

“Let Chaos Reign”, the first track on “Versatile” comes in hard and heavy with metal-rap vocals that invoke your entire body to respond. I triple dog dare you to listen to this first track without moving a muscle! This will be your favorite new anthem for when you’re getting ready to rage. It’s sassy bad-assery at its finest and the old school elements blend into an overall freshness exquisitely.

Coming in with major attitude, “Set Me Free” lightens up just a bit with sing-y vocals. I’m digging the melody and the hard groove layered just underneath. The guitar drops are thrillingly non-traditional and yummy.

Speaking of thrilling, the guitar riff in the intro of “Breathe Again” is upper-level genius to add to the epic vibe this song provides. The harmonies in the chorus are outstanding and I’m completely enchanted with how, like the title, the song breathes while still offering an upbeat vibe, with just the right sprinkling of chaos and tightness as a sweet dichotomy.

On to the fourth track, “Work” and as the title signifies, this song has some grit and a sort of backwoods front porch at the Mardi Gras type of vibe. The pulsing, moving rhythm is all the energy drinks or coffee you’ll need to get your steel toed boots and hard hat on to take care of business.

Pop Evil Promo PicBTW: “Work” broke into the top 10 as a single, and the third single “Breathe Again” has become Pop Evil’s next Top 5 hit.

After “Work”, “Inferno” comes in sounding ethereal with superb vocal effects. This track takes you on a journey from introspective to legendary, with a dash of eeriness to erect your goosebumps. The artistry of depth, purity and simplicity in this song brings tears to my eyes.

“Stronger (The Time is Now)” comes in with a tribal like intro that wakes me up in a new way. I feel like I’m at one of the last nights of Burning Man, in union with my fellow campers – feeling reinvigorated and hopeful. You’re going to want to play this song any time you need to kick ass and take names later – but in a confident – not arrogant manner.

Offering more motivation, “Raise Your Flag” will amp you up. This track is more vocally driven than the others and THAT VOICE!!! The tone, with a hint of a rasp is transcendent. Of course, all the vocals are phenomenal and this one really drives it home.

“Human Nature” chills out with a sprightly attitude and delicious synth action. There is a sonorous melody in the chorus. It leaves me the feeling like I’ve stayed up all night with friendly strangers, staring at a beach fire, and discussing deep topics languorously.

The slide guitar/steel guitar in “Survivor” puts chills down my spine! “Survivor” is groovy while remaining relaxed. It sounds like the vibe in the saloons I used to haunt in still wild parts of Montana in another lifetime, but the middle eight takes me straight to the gritty city. OMFUG!!! This gormandizer is absolutely uplifted.

Coming back in heavy, which is the perfect choice to follow “Survivor”, my ears are again rejoicing atPop Evil how Pop Evil are adept with the synth effects, making the song metal and rave at the same time. “Worst in Me” has serious layers and a giant sound offering a behemoth of aural stimulation. It’s super sweet how this song is brought full circle with bookend intro and outro riffs.

Cool harmonies come in with “Same Blood” and break into a bad ass beat and a message you MUST experience on your own. This song is going to crawl right on into your head and stay for a very long time. It has a dance between heavy metal and rock that is impressive even to a jaded lady like me.

Just like “Same Blood”, “Fire Inside” grabs you and draws you deep into its catchiness. This is a power up song that will get your blood pumping and body moving. Make sure to play it loud.

Overall, “Versatile” is a much-needed album for today’s metal, rock and EDM fans. The production is amazing, and the song writing leaves no note behind. Thank you Pop Evil, for creating an album that is a clear work of passion from beginning to end.

Here is a quick taste for you all. The album launches May 21st and you can pre-order right now at https://www.popevil-versatile.com/

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  • September 17, 2021 at 10:22 pm

    Love Pop Evil! More great music from them! Thanks for the review.

  • September 17, 2021 at 10:24 pm

    Great music!


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