Images of Eden “Angel Born” Album Review

While I have long admired the commitment and dedication, let alone chops, of Images of Eden, I was shocked with “Angel Born” from start to finish. Grab your favorite beverage, and maybe a snack, and follow along:

“Angel Born” is the fifth album from the unstoppable rock metal band, “Images of Eden”. This album was released through Pavement Entertainment at the end of March and is quickly climbing the charts.

As with their last album “Soulrise” (2018), legendary Bill Metoyer mixed and mastered this newest offering as well. And, as usual, “Angel Born” is loaded with an abundance of heart, soul, sweat, and inspiration.

The first track on “Angel Born” is “Autumn Is Burning” and starts off raw and heavy. The metal chunkiness of the guitar will immediately draw in even the most hardcore metalhead. Gordon Tittsworth’s infamous vocals come in to lay perfectly on top of this arena-worthy song. There is a great use of hew-ha to keep the rockin’ vibe rolling and making me want to move.

Next up is “Angel Born” which comes in with some thick chops, superb riffing and intense, yet refined arpeggios. Steve Dorssom keeps up outstandingly on the drums. The harmonizing on this song, and throughout the album adds epic layers which contribute to the overall hugeness of the entire album song. This one leaves me feeling as if I’ve taken flight like only the truly transformative works of art can accomplish.

While I think that the first two songs can’t be topped, “My Promise” is right up there alongside them. In fact, the entire album is filled with songs that could be featured singles. “My Promise” is lighter, but still rocks. It has some breathy vocals that put chills down my spine, in the best of ways. I can only imagine how cool it would be to experience this entire album live, with thousands of my closest friends.

The fourth track, “Where Dreams Begin” wastes zero time getting to the wide-ranging operatic vocals that reach the deepest parts of any listener’s soul. The song structure builds into a massive, exquisitely layered masterpiece. It feels like a summer night filled with happy people all enjoying the riffy cool guitar solos. The musicianship is outstanding and the way each one is featured and highlighted throughout each song is perfection.

“If?” intros with a clean guitar, evoking the feelings of the end of the evening when the flame has died down, but the embers are still burning brightly. You know those evenings, where you share happiness and gratitude with your closest friends. “If?” is a gorgeously simple, yet huge song. The piano is the icing on top! … “Go be somebody’s hero” The honesty and outstanding quality of this song leave tears in my eyes.

An electric synth comes in to announce “Killing God” and falls into the heavy metal sound that Images of Eden does so well. There is a heavier, ominous vibe to the vocals. You will want to keep this song handy for those times you are struggling to get your buns in gear. The sweet arpeggios and amazingly tasty bass line will get you going better than Starbucks.

I have always loved the band Triumph, and “Fight the Good Fight” is a favorite. Images of Eden did not disappoint with their rendition of this true classic. They didn’t just cover the song, they brought it into current times with chunky guitars and goose bump-raising harmonies. Speaking of vocals, put your wine glasses away if you have this song cranked up, Gordon’s upper register could certainly crack them!

The eighth track, “War Room” dials down and brings the heavier vocals back into the mix. This song introduces another side to Images of Eden. It’s still amazing, just a different way, with an interesting texture of the highs, mids, and lows. Very well done!

“Serenity Reign” chills out and is the perfect track to follow up “War Room”. To me, it feels comforting and hopeful, like a brilliantly hued sunrise on a Sunday morning. I remain impressed with how the musician’s hearts and souls show up in each song. The structures and songwriting are very well developed in a way that only the most seasoned and dedicated artists can create.

A radio buzz (or guitar feedback, they sound similar to me) breaks into a modern rock sound with thunderous and bombastic drums to kick off “Animation in a Still World”. The vocals are colossal over the energetic guitar. The megaphone announcer adds an intriguing texture while battling guitars put the cherry on top.

The eleventh track to “Angel Born” is “Marigold Sun” and is sunny with a touch of shade from the growling vocals. I’m digging the synth skip effect that plays with the guitar. There is the precipice breaking into a positive beginning within the melodic folds of this song. I get the feeling of being able to let go and celebrate the freedom of an unfettered soul. The acoustic in the middle eight is a surprising and awesome twist, while the piano coming in is delectable. I think this song is one of my favorites on this album.

The final cut, “In Memory of Me” is an opus. The beginning is ethereal and morphs into epic instrumentals and soft vocals with exquisite harmonies. But that’s just the beginning. The rock n’ roll kicks in with those chunky guitars that I love so much and of course, the vocals grow to monumental levels. I really don’t want to spoil too much of this song, you MUST listen to this one for yourself. It will take you on a journey like no other song you’ve allowed your heart, soul, and ears to experience.

Check out the video for “Fight the Good Fight” and make sure you follow Images of Eden here:

Thank you and congratulations Images of Eden! You’ve offered your all in this “Angel Born”. I’m quite sure it’s been divinely inspired.

  • Gordon Tittsworth (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar- studio-only)
  • Steve Dorssom (Drums & Percussion)
  • Dean Harris (Piano & Keyboards)
  • Eric Mulvaine (Bass & Backing Vocals)
  • Victor Morell (Lead Guitar)
  • Michael Wolff (Guest Acoustic & Lead Guitar)

Music and Lyrics by Gordon Tittsworth, Copyright 2021- All Rights Reserved, except “Fight The Good Fight”- Music and lyrics by Rik Emmett, Gil Moore & Mike Levine- Copyright 1981- Triumph

Produced by Gordon Tittsworth & Steve Dorssom

“Angel Born” was mixed & mastered by Bill Metoyer (Skull Seven Studios in Hollywood, CA)

Director of Photography & Editor – Chris Sheffield

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