Octopus Montage unleashes ne single “Mother Tucker Dude, That Hurt Like A Buttcheek On A Stick” from their debut album ‘How To Live & How To Lose’!!

Octopus Montage promo photo. Photographer unknown.

After the unapologetic “Voices”, the anthemic “Grow Up”, the candid “Right Here With Me”, the vicious “A Shortcut”, the dynamic “Dopamine” and the seething “Don’t Run Your Mouth” UK pop-punk/metalcore quartet Octopus Montage now unleashes the raw and straight-out “Mother Tucker Dude, That Hurt Like A Buttcheek On A Stick”, which also marks the release of the band’s debut full-lenght album – “How To Live & How To Lose” – now available everywhere! Comprising prevalent hardcore roots, with a noticeable punk side to them (but both ending with terrific, full-on metal finishes), “Mother Tucker Dude, That Hurt Like A Buttcheek On A Stick” manages to inject a raw swagger back into Octopus Montage‘s style by utilizing raw drumming and heavy pummelling assault of guitars to flow alongside that, ultimately generating a mixture of different elements coming together in one muscular, pissed off, swaggering beast of a brutal package that is completed by an absolutely and empathically underlined sense of implemented social angst, which can be used as an accurate resume and representation of the overall theme and atmosphere of the band’s debut full-length album – “How To Live & How To Lose” – as well!

(2858) Octopus Montage – Mother Trucker Dude That Hurt Like A Buttcheek On A Stick [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] – YouTube

Speaking about the release of the band’s album, Octopus Montage describes: “‘This is our first major project together since our lineup change in 2019. The record has pushed us into places we didn’t know we could go, with our heavier sound migrating to extremely brutal places and our softer songs being way more melodic than anything we have ever released before. Personally, this album hits on a lot of personal experiences and each song takes on a different journey of which we think will translate to the audience, whether it’s a similar journey or a completely separate one.” 

Octopus Montage‘s “How To Live & How To Lose”, featuring all of the formation’s recent singles, is now available everywhere!


1. “Grow Up”
2. “Voices”
3. “Right Here With Me”
4. “Dopamine”
5. “A Shortcut To The Unconscious Mind”
6. “Don’t Run Your Mouth”
7. “Vendetta”
8. “Mother Tucker Dude, That Hurt Like A Buttcheek On A Stick”
9. “Phantom Settlements”
10. “Split”
11. “Jennifer’s Secret”

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