Lansing, Michigan’s, Heartsick, release new video for “Thrill of the Hunt”!

Heartsick, a four-piece band out of Lansing, Michigan recently released the video for their single “Thrill of The Hunt”. The Pavement Entertainment act mixes their hardcore metal sound with haunting melodies and an energy that is second to none.

Alfonso Civile is the front man for the group and you would be hard-pressed to find another to match his intensity. Folks in this area witnessed it first hand at the 2017 Ink In The Clink (now Inkcarceration). The Florida native not only unleashed his inner-beast during Heartsick’s set but he later joined 40 Below Summer on stage for a little raucousness with lead singer, Max Illidge.

(2837) Heartsick – Thrill Of The Hunt – (Official Video) – YouTube

Heartsick promo photo.

Heartsick is ready to push themselves to the forefront of the metal world with their sophomore album ‘Sleep Cycles’ which was released in 2019. Of course, 2020 brought the COVID pandemic and slowed things down but the Lansing quartet kept their nose to the grindstone and continued to write. Their ready to move forward with the power of locomotive and take the metal world by storm.

Joining Civile in the band is Jarred Pruneau (guitar), Waylon Fox (bass) and Justin Robinson (drums). Like the hard-working town that they represent, Heartsick is dedicated to doing things with a driven passion. Whether it’s making a video, releasing an album or doing their thing on stage, you’re sure to get the best from them.

Check out the video for “Thrill of The Hunt” above, as well as our interview with Civile below.

Until next time this is Big L saying ‘keep those horns up and rock on!!\m/ \m/


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