White Void Releases “Anti” Album

Hey everyone, come on an adventure with me into the White Void!

Hailing from Norway and signed to Nuclear Blast, White Void is a hard rock band that is sure to make a mark on serious rockers the world over. Their 8-song offering, “Anti” releases on March 12th and you aren’t going to want to miss it.

Until you can hear it for yourself, I can give you some clues – starting with White Void’s single for “Anti” that released late last year, “Do. Not. Sleep”, you can see the video below. I hear a definite metal-y, goth vibe (My Favorite!) in a HUGE sound. Seriously, these guys are obviously well seasoned and stadium worthy. Anyway, as you can imagine, “Do. Not. Sleep” has an aggressive sound with a lot of drum hoo-haw that is certain to keep you up, a great driving song! Is that an organ I hear? It adds a delicious layer to the mix, which is simultaneously complex and simple – superb!

Next up is “There is no freedom but the end” which starts out a little on the chill side with a layer of exquisite tones on the guitar. This is another stadium song that will leave you waving your cell phone in the air from beginning to end. There is a bit of a “Chop Suey” undertone – classic, yet fresh sounding. Speaking of fresh, the progression is both that and familiar at the same time. The backing vocals create an even bigger sound layered into intriguing note choices. You know, the best songs have a transformative feeling and this song leaves me feeling like I’m taking flight. Powerful!

“Where You Go, You’ll Bring Nothing” starts off with a sort of dirge type intro, it’s very dark, but not morbid… sort of like I’m cuddled up in soft blankets, in a dark, dry, and plushed out cave, that has heavy velvet curtains on the walls. The mesmerizing darkness of this song goes to a bit of a brighter sound, almost hopeful, but maybe just brighter.

There is an epic consistency in all the songs – I really need to see these guys on a big stage!!! The unusual structure is titillating and shows off the creative genius of the songwriter(s).

But I digress. “The Shovel and the Cross”, the 4th track on “Anti”, deserves my complete attention. This song has another upbeat intro, but there is a subtle punk/rebellious vibe until the vocals hit, then it feels more like the type of Goth that reminds me of the Munsters at the beach – which is a sound I can easily get obsessed with. It’s melodic and pulls you in with interesting time signatures. This song needs to be made into a rock opera! The sections of the song are very different from one another, in a super cool way. Each of the important instruments gets their turn to shine while the vocals lay perfectly over it all.

“This Apocalypse is for You” released as the second single for this album on January 15th and is a driving force, almost like an apocalyptic ending to a major concert – even though it’s the beginning of the second half of the tracks on “Anti”. There are huge choruses and a triumphant guitar that crescendos right before the song turns into a stripped-down, innocent outro that highlights the vocals. EPIC!!!

I thought after “This Apocalypse is for You” that the rest of the album would begin to fall off, but I was mistaken big time. “All Chains Rust, All Men Die” features an intense guitar build-up. Being somewhat biased to the guitar (😊), I am now in heaven. I hear so many genres that take me through all times and styles of rock in this album. These guys don’t just ride the E by any means!

With a name like “The Fucking Violence of Love”, my initial thought is that this song better be good. At 8 minutes and 2 seconds long, it’s another epic experience which even the pickiest rock aficionado is going to love. The music evokes a sense of longing, but it’s not a slow ballad, rather it starts off feeling like a journey is about to take place. Now I hear a more classic song progression, but with a roll of the drums, the next section of the song goes back to the more eclectic structure that is going to make this album a favorite for everyone who wants new ear candy to sound new, and not regurgitated from the last 20 years of rock.

Last up is “The Air was Thick with Smoke” and OH MY – there is some electronica in this song. No worries, it stays true to rock and blends the rest of the instruments into the electronic notes in a way that would make bands like Celldweller cry. An amazing ending to a SICK album! Seriously, you aren’t going to be able to call yourself a rocker unless you have this album in your collection!

Here’s the video for “Do.Not.Sleep” that I promised you, but before you indulge, make sure you are following “White Void” here:


White Void is:
Lars Nedland- Vocals
Tobias Solbakk – Drums
Vegard Kummen – Bass
Eivind Marum – Guitar

“Anti” was written and recorded between 2018 and 2020
Mixed and mastered by ØYSTEIN G. BRUN at CROSOUND STUDIO
Drums engineered and recorded by TOBIAS ØYMO SOLBAKK at the ETHER
Bass engineered and recorded by VEGARD KUMMEN at the ETHER
Guitars engineered and recorded by EIVIND MARUM and LARS ARE NEDLAND at MEZZANINE STUDIOS
Vocals and keys engineered and recorded by LARS ARE NEDLAND at Mezzanine Studios

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