Silent Theory Video “FRAGILE MINDS”

Covid-19 has been a downer on the music industry, so at Rock-lines, we spend hours browsing Youtube and the internet for bands we haven’t heard. A friend said “you gotta check out this band Silent Theory.” After watching the video Fragile Minds a dozen times we decided to add Silent Theory to our discovery page. I’m definitely a fan now and look forward to catching these guys play live in the near future.


In a society where new bands pop up every day, Silent Theory is here to set a new standard. The band found success with their single, “Fragile Minds,” released June 2016, charting at #97 for Media Base Active-Rock and #29 for Under the Radar charts. It has since surpassed 5 million video views on YouTube and continues to grow rapidly. Following this success in June 2018, through Loudwire, the band released their second single off of the album, Delusions, “Watch Me Burn.” The single charted at #67 on the Media Base Active-Rock charts. Silent Theory is made up of brothers Mitch, Scott, and George Swanger, as well as Robert James and Dakota Elliot Tyler. They are currently located in Moscow, Idaho, but finding worldwide success. As of January 2021, they signed with Paul Crosby Management (founding member of Saliva), getting ready to release their latest single, “Shaking Cages,” and are currently finishing a new album to be released in April 2021.

Band Members: Dakota Jerns, Scott Swanger, George Swanger, Mitch Swanger, Bob James



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