Inducing Panic Releases “Quality of Life”

I’m going to keep this short and sweet so you can get to the good stuff 🙂

Never one to disappoint, Inducing Panic has just dropped “Quality of Life” song and video. As always, Vocalist Jake Winfree, Bassist James Bongalis, Drummer Eric First and Guitarist Shannon Rivera are bringing the unique punk, jazz, chaos and mayhem that no other band brings. The entire song is insane – Congratulations and thank you! We all need more of what you got, especially as we’re all jonesing for live shows.

Anyway, the “Quality of Life” video was directed by Luke Rodriguez and you can view it right here. Just keep scrolling…..

Oh yea, and before you get to the video, you also have to take a gander at the super sweet new merch! ‘

There is a “Quality of Life” flexi disc single out now on S.B.S RECORDS available at, new long sleeve T and more merch available at

Oh – And, make sure you stay up to date by visiting Inducing Panic’s website HERE.

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