INSIDIOUS DISEASE – AFTER DEATH will be released on October 30th, 2020

Norwegian death metal group Insidious Disease
New album AFTER DEATH will be out on October 30th 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records! Today we release a new trailer in which we discuss the writing of the record. Enjoy, and order your copy at

Insidious Disease (Betrayer) watch below

  album artwork Dan Seagrave
Sonically inducing a depraved and morbid condition of the mind, INSIDIOUS DISEASE have returned to present their second full length album: AFTER DEATH. Freshly signed to Nuclear Blast Records, the band convenes (with members currently and previously of Dimmu Borgir, Morgoth, Nile, Napalm Death, and Susperia) to create a modern venture into classic death metal. Still in the early stages of existence with only their debut album “Shadowcast (2010)” preceding, INSIDIOUS DISEASE are ripe with a hellish energy that seeks to sear its way across the universe of heavy metal. “It’s not supposed to be re-inventing the wheel or anything, it’s just about finding a good groove that we feel comfortable with,” explains guitarist and founding member Silenoz.
The album artwork created by master painter Dan Seagrave is a gray/green spectrum of detailed, otherworldly misery that could take hours to fully observe. A chasm full of soulless creatures emerge in a dismal nothingness, only to freeze in the spectrum of time and enter a state of permanent rot.
The title AFTER DEATH carries with it philosophical concepts that can be found weaved throughout the lyrical content of the entire album; conspiracy theories, perception of reality and existence, the dread of disease, and the inescapable nature of death are just some of the ideas touched upon. These intriguing bits of subject matter are intelligent fuel for the band and their writing: “if someone who reads this lyrical content begins to think or wonder about these things, for me that is another bonus,” describes Silenoz. Although topics of morbidity are fairly common in the realm of death metal, the members of INSIDIOUS DISEASE take a deeper step into their interpretations of these concepts through their violent, electrically-charged melodies.
Songs like “ENFORCERS OF THE PLAGUE” is the first taste of the raw power brutality that INSIDIOUS DISEASE delivers and proves that AFTER DEATH is poised to be a modern death metal powerhouse that will awaken your old school instincts to forage for more. “ENFORCERS OF THE PLAGUE” is a taste of the carnage that AFTER DEATH will unleash as soon as the plague is dead. Death Metal hasn’t died, it just required a compelling, and qualified reignition. INSIDIOUS DISEASE is Marc Grewe (vocals), Silenoz (guitars), Tony Laureano (drums), Shane Embury (bass), and Cyrus (guitars).

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