BRANDON SALLER “Live From My Living Room” Show Set for Friday, May 22

Atreyu drummer/singer and Hell or Highwater vocalist Brandon Saller will be performing his “Live From My Living Room” show on Friday, May 22.  The set is slated to start at 4pm ET/1pm PT and will stream at this location.

Tune in to hear intimate performances of both Atreyu and Hell or Highwater songs without having to leave your couch. The show also has a charity element.

“This is the most produced performance I have done online to date,” Saller says. “I will be integrating new instrumentation to versions of songs spanning my catalog. I will also be adding in visuals to make this a true live at-home experience. This is as close as I can come to playing a real show for you all. 100% of the donations in LEVEL 2 and 3 will go directly to the Atreyu Crew.”

Hell or Highwater recently released the Lost at Sonic Ranch EP, which is a group of songs from the Vista album sessions. It’s available here



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