Breathing Theory: “Balance” Album Review

I’ve had the happy opportunity to review “Balance” a brand-new full-length album by Orlando, Florida based band, Breathing Theory. This album was produced by Collin Morrison and David Marfitt of Innerforce Productions. “Animals” and “Who We Are” were co-produced and mixed by Grammy award winner, Malcolm Springer.

Before I begin sharing my thoughts, I must mention the album cover is ridiculously amazing! Also, that there is now proof that in Florida, the weather is not the only thing that is HOT!

Before I totally get off topic though, the first song up is “Cold Dead Beautiful”. This song starts out with some synth and noise that makes me feel like I’m walking in London, at night, in a spooky tunnel (Which is a very cool feeling for me!!!). Eerie vocals start and the music box lilting notes from the piano break into some delectable heavy sounds. Great production on this one, and all the songs on the album. “Cold Dead Beautiful” has the right balance of rock, metal, a little bit of hardcore inspiration, and space. Sometimes, the juiciest part of a song is the breath between the beats and this song is juicy!

The next track is “The Nothing” – The intro metal riff sets the tone, it’s simple, effective and very powerful. The layering is done with finesse and the mix, again, is superb and polished, yet, the passion comes through loud and clear. The hook in “The Nothing” goes above and beyond what you would hope to hear, while the hoo-haw keeps you traveling through to the hauntingly melancholy end, highlighted with a grand piano. You can check out the official video below.

The third song is “Holding On” – and WTF – is this disco? How frigging unexpected and cool!! No, it doesn’t make you want to break out into the Hustle (old 70’s dance for those of you who are clueless about disco). “Holding On” is much more rock n’ roll than white polyester suits. At the same time, you WILL want to move, probably not mosh, but move, however you do it. This is the perfect warm up song for an epic night on the town. There is a kicked-back gain to add more clarity than traditional metal guitars, which adds a refreshingly clean sound.

Very strong supporting vocals compliment the main vocals perfectly throughout  Breathing Theory’s “Balance” album!

We aren’t even halfway finished yet though. The fourth song is “Waiting for a Fall” and I think this is one of my favorites. It starts upbeat and shows off a new level of diverse artistry for Breathing Theory’s wheelhouse. The great vocals are showcased here, and the song builds into an epic break. “Waiting for a Fall” is the perfect song choice for those mic drop moments in life. This one needs to come out as a single!!!

“Never Die” is up next and gets back into the heavier vibe that started out the beginning of the “Balance” album. It then adds some tasty grit, oh yea, heads will bang! The chorus in “Never Die” is HUGE and has the subtle and super cool effects that everyone loves. This song gets personal so make sure to give it a good listen.

Baby’s got back and so does “Prisoners and Animals”. The distortion picks up to put an additional infusion of metal into this song. There is another gigantic chorus, and this one comes on fast. “Prisoners and Animals” is a song that you want to turn up loud when you want to amp up the excitement of the night. The push-pull guitar is sick, and the drums keep pounding. And – what???? GUITAR SOLO!!! Is he allowed to do that? It’s just so dangerous. And THAT is Rock and Roll – I LOVE It!

“Escape” changes the vibe and begins poignantly with just piano and vocals, very sweet. Just a few notes later though, the song unleashes into the passionate sound that Breathing Theory is building a solid reputation around. The song remains a ballad and has a wa-wa pedal i it that creates an additional longing type of a vibe. I want to sing along with “Escape” – loudly – with tears streaming down my face…, in the rain…, without apologies…., and loving every minute of it. Thank you for this song, seriously.

“Who We Are” kicks back in with those amazing backing vocals and has a superb build up. This, and every one of the songs on “Balance” has subtle, yet very powerful elements that create brilliant new sounds. “Who We Are” is another song I want to sing along with, but for this one, to get myself powered up for the day.

The final track is an acoustic version of “Waiting for a Fall” which is every bit as amazing as the electronic version. With the last note, I feel sad that I’ve finished the album, so I’ll just have to play it over, and over, one or a million more times. I think it’s going to be a hit!

Breathing Theory is:

  • Cory Britt – Vocals
  • Rob Mahoney – Guitar
  • Collin Morrison – Guitar/Vocals
  • Joey Bivo – Bass
  • Kegan King – Drums

Upcoming Shows

  • March 7th The Crying Monk Cocoa, FL
  • March 21st The Haven Lounge for Central Florida Metal Fest Orlando, FL
  • May 7th Main Street Station for Rockvillain Pre Show Party Daytona Beach, FL

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