Check Out Our Interview with ALBORN & Their đŸ”„ Alice In Chains Cover

Alternative metal band, ALBORN, recently signed a distribution deal with Imagen Records (ADA,Warner Music) and released their debut EP ‘Impairative’ on August 28, 2020.

“When the opportunity opened up for me to sign Alborn to Imagen, I jumped on it,” Imagen Records’ A&R Representative, Morgan Rose (drummer for Sevendust) said. “I’ve known these guys for years and have worked closely with them. The songwriting is so unique to me. It’s fresh and not predictable. I think people will get so much out of what this band has to say.”

ALBORN was formed in 2016 in Northern Illinois. The band consists of Justin Taylor (guitar/vocals), Alex Raser (drums/vocals), Zame Lewis (bass) and Nate Guske (guitar). They have been said to have a sound similar to Defones or a heavier Alice in Chains. I personally don’t like making comparisons but I will say you owe it to yourself to give ALBORN a chance
I think if you do you’re going to like what you hear.

They have put in the work and that all paid of when they won several Battle of the Bands competitions. The grand prize for one of the competions was a studio session with Jose Urquiza of the band 3 Years Hollow and The A2c Recording Studios.

As part of that session, another opportunity surfaced. Morgan Rose of Sevendust heard the demos and expressed interest in producing them.

Listen for yourself and see what I’m talking about. You can also hear my interview with drummer, Alex Raser by clicking on the link below.

Until next time this is Big L saying ‘keep those horns up and rock on!! \m/ \m/

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